Portable PuttMaster 3000™

$49.00 GA

Portable PuttMaster 3000

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    The PuttMaster 3000 is the worlds most advanced practice target that is also a great game to play to improve your putting skills. This is the free standing Portable PuttMaster 3000. The PuttMaster 3000 Challenge™ is a fun way to play with friends to improve your putting accuracy in competition or just in solo practice. The PuttMaster 3000 is a guaranteed fun way to improve your putting expertise!

    This is the free standing option of the PuttMaster 3000. The only thing needed is a sandbag or weight to place on the legs to keep it from moving when hit. It can be played without sandbags by resetting a measured rope to maintain the proper distance between putts. See Images for PuttMaster 3000 Challenge™ Rules

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    Additional information

    Weight 112 oz
    Dimensions 6 × 6 × 28 in