KidZee Lite 5 Pack

$27.75 GA

KidZee Lite 5 Pack random colors

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    We at CHEENGZ have always recommended the 5 disc approach of training in disc sports. In Disc Golf I practice with at least 5 identical putters and drivers, in disc dog training I had 50 fastbacks. Multiple discs of the same weight and mold help you dial in your muscle memory faster through repetition. Being able to throw 5 or more identical discs in a row teaches you how to throw that disc accurately faster than any other method. This 5 pack of random color discs were assembled for kids to use with the Puttmaster 3000. All skills learned with this professional competition disc from Hyperflite will carry forward into future disc sports discs. The KidZee lite weighs 64 grams and is safe for throw and catch play for ages 2 and up. It will air bounce 80′ stable and is thrown over 50 yards accurately in distance and accuracy competitions. Where will a KidZee take your child in Disc Sports?