Frog Rock DGC Maps

Welcome to Frog Rock Disc Golf Course. This course was originally designed by John Ritger for the City of Austell. It started as a 9 hole course that was expanded in 2015 to an 18 hole course with 2 sets of tee pads and 3 alternate pin placements per hole. This created 2 courses (Red Tees and Blue Tees) with baskets that could be moved to course options A, B, or C.

In 2019 through a public-private partnership CHEENGZ worked with Prodigy and the City of Austell to provide a Municipal Grant for $1,850 to add 18 Blue Prodigy T2 Baskets to the most difficult positions to transform the park into 4 courses (Red to Red, Red to Blue, Blue to Red, and Blue to Blue).

Yin Yang Par 2 at Frog Rock

In February of 2020 the team at CHEENGZ and the Frog Rock Disc Golf Club added the Yin & Yang Par 2 courses creating 6 courses at the park. The par 2 courses are marked by 36 White Wham-o Mini Frisbees anchored to the ground. Each hole on the course has 2 Par 2 tees numbered and marked by a white mini making 2 courses of 18 holes each.

The paved walking path and beyond is Out of Bounds and carries a 1 Stroke Penalty. On 2 holes on the Yin course you throw from OB to the basket. If your disc never crosses inbounds you must retee from the mini. If your disc flies inbounds but then goes out of bounds you play within 1 meter of the spot it went out of bounds.

The odd-numbered mini always plays to the silver (Red) basket and the even-numbered mini always plays to the Blue basket. The Yin Course is played on holes 1-9, while the Yang Course is played on holes 10-18. The artwork for the signs has been updated below to show the approximate location of each mini marking the tee position on each hole.

All of this variety can make for a difficult decision on what to play. Kids and beginners are suggested to start playing the Yin or Yang course as a Par 3 White “rated” course. This will help develop control over the flight of the disc and make the game more enjoyable for new players getting comfortable with learning to throw the discs.

More advanced players who feel like challenging themselves will play both Yin and Yang courses as Par 2 to help develop the mid to short game. Par 36 is a very tough score to get. Aces are still aces but should be designated as Par 2 Aces for those who keep up with them and as Birdies for everyone who doesn’t.

The Red to Red and Blue to Blue courses are “rated” Red and Blue Courses with Par Set at 55 when Hole 12 is not in the Super Position. When 12 is in the furthest position the courses are rated Par 56. The signs located at each hole have the distances and par info for each Red and Blue Tee position. Currently, only the paved walking path and beyond is OB unless designated otherwise by a Tournament Director running an event. All water at Frog Rock is “Casual Water” and not considered OB.

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YIN Par 2 Course Maps / Yin White Course Par 3 – Beginners & Kids

YANG Par 2 Course Maps / Yang White Course Par 3 – Beginners & Kids