Cheat Scheetz

Designed for Beginners, Kids, and Adults Who Enjoy Having Fun With Other People
Best Disc Golf Gifts Cheat Scheetz CHEENGZ
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A great new way to play! A fun way to introduce new friends to the sport or have a riot messing with your buddies in the next round. The rules are fair, fun and keep cheating in disc golf legal! One set contains all six cards and is recommended for play with 2 players.

Cheat Scheetz Cards Provide These Disc Golf Super Powers:

Give Me 3 Steps: Player may move their lie 3 steps in any direction. It cannot be used to move you in bounds to avoid a penalty.

Mulligan: Player may take a second drive off a tee pad, it cannot be used for a putt or approach shot.

Sloppy Seconds may be played to take a second shot on any approach shot or putt.

This is not OB may be used to play your disk from its lie without a penalty stroke

It’s a Birdie may be played for any putt outside 30′ that hits metal. This card may also be used in conjunction with a Sloppy Seconds card

I Aced It: Player scores an Ace if they hit metal on a drive (metal equals chain, pole, basket, top, or rim). This card may also be used in conjunction with a mulligan card.

CHEENGZ Cheat Sheetz Rules:

1. Any rule may be changed upon agreement of those participating.

2. Cheat Sheetz may be played with anyone willing to accept them as fair play “currency”

3. If you ever play a Cheat Sheetz so shall you accept them forever and ever in recreational play, Amen.

4. If you never accept a Cheat Sheetz in play you can’t ever have one.

5. One deck of 6 Cheat Scheetz per 2 players is required to play. The appropriate number of Cheat Sheetz decks are shuffled and dealt to all players. To play a Cheat Sheetz card you surrender it to the “kitty” to change your score. Each card may only be played once per round.

6. The winner is the player with the lowest score recorded. All cards are returned at the end of play for shuffling and dealing in the next round played.

CHEENGZ Cheat Scheetz
Best Disc Golf Gifts Cheat Scheetz CHEENGZ

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